Focused solely on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Our primary approach to investment in the space is focused on a deep understanding of the underlying technology.

We believe blockchain technology is more than just Bitcoin. We believe that blockchain, the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin, will see mass adoption across industries in the coming years, with far-reaching applications well beyond the financial sector. Blockchain technology can be faster, cheaper, and provide better security than the incumbent technologies of centralized networks, providing a competitive advantage to companies implementing blockchain solutions.

As blockchain technology is adopted across industries there will be many opportunities for early investment in the companies and protocols of tomorrow. Our primary investment objective targets the underlying technologies upon which future solutions will be built.


Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

Managing Partner

Cylus Watson

Managing Partner

Mitra Muehlman

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Yo Sub Kwon

Managing Partner

Bradley Libson

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Hartej Sawhney


Jaron Lukasiewicz

Operations Manager

Jesse Pittman

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Alyssa Pittman